Determining Your Call Center Software Needs

In order to best gauge what call center solution will work for you, it’s important to look at what your business is currently doing.

Contact Center Types
Determining if your call center is predominately inbound or outbound establishes how the contact center is run.

Inbound Contact Center: if 75% of customer contact is inbound calls.

Outbound Call Center: 75% of customer contact originates from your telemarketing business.

Mixed Contact Center: Less than 75% of customer contact is either inbound or outbound (implies a balanced call center strategy).

Price and Scope of Call Center
Call center software is typically a resource driven investment, but one that will save your company time and money in the long term. Price ranges anywhere from $1,000 for a smaller contact center system of up to 5 agents, to $20,000 for a large company of over 100 call center agents.  The size of your contact center software is determined by both the amount of call center agents your business employs and the number of features that the software has. Hosted call center software is often the best option for small businesses with less than 100 call center agents. Normally, employee costs are the largest expense of a contact center’s operation, so optimizing your employee’s performance with time saving software can really pay off for your business.

VoIP Technology
If your call center is running on VoIP phone systems, the call center software solutions may be able to operate and function more effectively. A great deal of call center software solutions are based around VoIP technology, some even require it. If your call center is not using VoIP service, you may be able to save additional costs by switching.

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