Tips for a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

The success of a direct mail campaign can vary.  How well the list is targeted, the number and quality of the mailing pieces sent, and other factors can have a big impact on how well the campaign is able to generate sales or interest.  Typically, between 1% and 3% of campaign mailers result in a sale, with highly targeted lists or strategies generating up to a 10% sales conversion rate.  While these numbers might sound small, consider that a direct mail campaign is usually quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive to execute.  A positive ROI (return on investment) can usually result when 1-2% of mail recipients make a purchase.  Here are a few tips to ensure that your direct mailing campaign is successful.

Hire a Professional.
A direct mail service company or marketing firm can help you design materials, write text, and find a mailing list that targets those customers likeliest to purchase your product.  Some companies prefer the DIY method- choosing a design firm, a copywriting professional, a printer, and mailing company based on recommendations, and managing the mailing effort themselves.  Whichever route you decide to go, make sure you’re hiring experienced professionals, especially for services such as printing.  The mailing might be the “first impression” of your company to many customers- make sure it’s a good one.

Determine ROI.
Make sure there’s a mechanism in place to measure the success of your direct mail campaign.  Some of the most effective ways to track results are fairly simple- each postcard or brochure can be printed with a special code that customers type in or present when they redeem a special offer or purchase a product.  Tracking the success of your campaign can help you plan for your next mailing effort.

Mail more than once.
Studies show that direct mail campaigns are the most successful if they are ongoing.  Subsequent mailings can introduce new products, alert customers to upcoming sales or promotions, or even thank customers for making a purchase or referring your company to a friend or colleague.  Get creative- expose the customer to your brand by mailing more than once.

Compel the reader.
The best direct mail campaigns don’t just “tell”- they compel the recipient to check out your website, take advantage of an offer, or redeem a discount coupon by making a purchase.  Let’s face it- most of us throw unwanted “junk” mail away unless it contains an offer that really jumps off the page.  Professional copywriting or mailing services can help you draft a compelling offer, whether you’re trying to create brand visibility, encourage customers to make purchases, or attend a promotional event. 


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