Document Management Software Terms

Document Management Software
A computer system or a set of computer programs used to track and store electronic documents as well as scanned paper documents.
A device that provides a service to many users over a network.
Application Service Provider
A vendor that stores and hosts your data on their end. You would be able to access your files via the Internet.
Program that runs on a computer in your office and stores the documents either on the computers hard drive or on a server.
Optical Character recognition
The mechanical or electronic reading of scanned documents of handwritten, typewritten or printed text that is scanned and saved with digital formatting.
How the files will be managed through the document software.
Making sure your provider has authorized to provide security provisions set by HIPPA and other organizations.
Retrieval Process
Settings within the document management software that allow users to access the documents. Many times employees’ are given different security levels for certain documents.

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