Where to Start When Purchasing a Document Management Software System

 Before talking to a vendor, think about why your company needs a document management software system. The vendor will know that you have too much paper lying around, so try and be specific. Tell them of any security issues you have, or if you need more access to files on the go.

Compatibility for other electronic files is important as well. You most likely have important .pdf files and spreadsheets that need to be filed into your system as well. Making the transition into electronic files means you need to think about every type of file, not just the ones you are converting from paper.

If you are a larger company, think about implementing your new document management system slowly. Going department by department is a great way to get all of your kinks out, and literally allows you to slowly integrate the system. If something isn’t working the way you would like it to, it can be better to have one department work through it than your entire company.

The first department can also serve as a great launching pad for your others. A good idea is to implement the system into your human resources department first. Then, if the process goes well you can use your HR department as a starting point for other departments.

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