How to Choose a Document Software Vendor

Choosing a vendor, whether it is for a document management software system or anything else there are a few points to keep in mind:

  1. Do they have good references?
  2. Are they providing you with great customer service?
  3. Are they specialized in there area of “expertise”?

After you have done your research on what aspects you will need for your document management software system, ask vendors if you can speak with current/previous clients. This will help you get a better understanding of the company. Ask questions like, how did they help in the training process, and how responsive were they to your needs when a problem occurred.

If you are looking around at different vendors, decide which one has the best customer service. If they aren’t as responsive to you before you buy their product, chances are they won’t be once you have purchased the system. 

Many vendors for document management software are not actually the company making the software, but rather a reseller. This is due to the fact that most document management software companies do not have the personnel to run and sell it at the same time. Because of this make sure the reseller is specialized in the area of expertise they are selling.

If you are a medical practice, you have certain restrictions on what you can print and not print due to HIPPA regulations. Ask the vendor if they are familiar with these restrictions. Being knowledgeable in the areas specific for your needs is a must.

Not all vendors supply you with both the hardware and software you will need. Because of this it is wise to ask your vendor to recommend a company who will work well with their system (whether it be the hardware or software). 

Also make sure the vendor you are looking at is in fact a document management software provider. Many companies are now adding these types of features to their systems, but are not specialized in the industry. This could look like an easy way to set up multiple software options, but in reality may not be what you need.

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