E-Commerce Shopping Cart Solutions

If your site will be selling multiple products or services, it is a great idea to implement a shopping cart feature to your e-commerce site. Doing this will allow your customers to keep tabs on what they want to buy without having to process each item individually.

There are two types of shopping cart solutions—hosted software, and software you buy outright. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Types Advantage Disadvantage
Hosted Shopping Cart Software More secure because hackers have harder time getting through the hosted company’s firewalls.  Many companies out there aren’t reputable.  You need to do your homework before deciding on the company for you.
Purchased Software You have more control over your software, and don’t have to worry about lag time when changing your products. More vulnerable to hackers, and if you are unfamiliar with programming, it can be difficult to upload to your site.


After deciding on which type of software that fits your needs best, it is time to pick out a particular type of shopping cart software. Because there are numerous routes you can take, try going to sites that have comparison charts to help you decide what is best for your company. Sites like ShoppingCartReview.com are great places to get started.

Take a look at what shopping carts your competitors are using. This can give you ideas on what type of system to get, and more than likely your customers will know how to use. It is also important you choose a software program that is compatible with your web host and gateway processor. Many of the well known shopping cart software companies like X-Cart are going to be compatible with most gateway processors.

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