E-Commerce Terms

Shopping Cart This is a software program that allows customers choose multiple items before checking out.
SSL Short for Secure Sockets Layer, this is the certification needed to make your E-commerce site secure. Obtaining an SSL certificate will keep your business and your customers safe from hackers.
Root certificate Part of the SSL process, the root certificate is similar to getting a document notarized. This certificate tells the Internet browser that it is a secure website.
Server certificate Also part of the SSL process, the server certificate is given to a server, and provides information about the site. It is a must for secure connections.
Certification Authority Also referred to as CA’s, certification authorities are trusted organizations that issue certificates such as those needed for SSL security.
Certificate Signing Request This is the request anyone would fill out and send to the CA to obtain any type of certificate they would need for their website.
Click-and-mortar A term used to describe a company that has both an online and offline presence.
Authentication How you a website owner can verify the person logging into their account is indeed them. It can be as simple as having them create a username and password.
Electronic Data Interchange Also known as EDI, this procedure sends messages across a network to carry out monetary purchases.

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