Benefits of Email Marketing

According to the Direct Marketing Association, every dollar spent on e-mail marketing generates $43.62 in revenue.” With that being said, there are other benefits to e-mail campaigns besides a great ROI. Some of these reasons include:

  • Constructing relationships – When done right, e-mail marketing is about relationships. You want your recipients to feel like they mean something to you. Receiving an e-mail from your company should be like getting an e-mail from a friend—inviting, warm and most importantly informational. You want to let your customer know you appreciate their business and want to keep them informed about any company news.
  • Providing information – Going along with what was said above, being informational is the best way to get your conversion rate high. Giving valuable information is key. People will more than likely unsubscribe or even report you as SPAM if done wrong. Think of what you would find useful information if you were a customer and give it to them.
  • A jump in sales – Someone may need to hear more than once about your sale or any other event. The first time they read about the event, it gets in their heads, the second reminds them of it and so on. The rule of thumb in e-mail marketing is that a recipient will need to view an offer an average of seven times before committing to a sale. Finding the e-mail addresses of interested recipients should soon render paying recipients.
  • As a supplement to other online tactics—E-mail marketing is a great tactic, but it also is a great supplement to other marketing tactics. If you are running an ad campaign or social media campaign, you can integrate opt-in options for your marketing e-mails.

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