Best Practices for Email Marketing

When starting an e-mail marketing campaign, it is wise to develop a strategy for each type of campaign that includes the information you will send, how many times you will communicate to the recipients, exact dates this communication will go out and what action you are trying to get the recipient to make upon receiving the email. The main reason e-mail marketing has become so popular is the low to no costs on delivery and quick delivery time compared to direct mail. Just like with direct mail, adhere to common best practices to steer clear of SPAM complaints.

  • Write a captivating headline – You could have the best information available on the subject at hand, but if you don’t get anyone’s attention you will likely have a low click through rate.
  • Do your homework – Before sending out on an e-mail marketing campaign, make sure you do your homework. Do research on what your recipients are looking for and give it to them. Put yourself in their shoes, what information would you want to know about your company and products. What information are they looking for – most likely it isn’t general, so TARGET, TARGET, TARGET.
  • Personalize: It’s all in the name – How many times have you received an e-mail, or direct mail piece that started with “Dear Friend”, or “Dear Valued Customer”? Personalizing your e-mails will be greatly appreciated. There are plenty of e-mail service providers that have features set up to allow you to do this.
  • Unsubscribe link – Being upfront and not hiding your unsubscribe button or link gives the option of your customers to make a choice. How many times have you signed up for a newsletter, only to find out it wasn’t exactly what you were looking for? If this is the case with a potential customer of yours, it should be clear to them how to get out and not hit “report as SPAM” to do so.

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