Buyer Guide to GPS Fleet Tracking Software


Making sure you can track your employees’ time is always a top priority for any business owner.  When you own a fleet company, having employees operating outside your supervision makes this task a little more complicated.  Factors such as traffic, sneaking off to use the truck for personal use and many others can start to make you wonder how your team is using your vehicles. 

According to Information Science Today, you can save up to 20% by implementing a GPS fleet tracking system.  Streamlining your tracking efforts and being able to monitor how your fleet is using their time can only help matters.  

Sticker shock is a big reason why fleet business owners initially disregard the use of these systems. However the  fact is, they can yield a great ROI,  “Sales of GPS fleet tracking systems have grown by more than 300% in each of the last two years. The reason is simple: it saves money and increases productivity,” according to Geosavi

In this buyer guide you will learn exactly the different types of GPS fleet management software options, what types of features they can offer and how to make the best choice for your company.

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