Advantages of GPS Fleet Tracking Software

With any major purchase, you need to know what advantages you are going to take away.  One way to think about your GPS fleet tracking software is that, it is a type of surveillance system for your company.  Because each truck is essentially a driver’s work station, you will be able to monitor each driver, just as you would if they were working in-house.

 Employee Management? Having a GPS fleet tracking system in place will allow you to manage your employees remotely more efficiently.  One of the most common reasons why this is needed is the fact that employees sometimes try to use the company truck to run personal errands, and let their company foot the gas bill. When your employees know that you are monitoring their trip duration, it should cut down on this type of abuse.

 Efficient Payroll? Many GPS fleet tracking solutions provide the ability to automate your timesheets. According to FleetMatics, “You will know exactly when an employee starts work, how long they take for lunches and breaks, and when they stop working for the day without relying on manual timesheets.”

Streamlining Traveling? Being able to monitor in real-time exactly where your drivers are can help you manage the route, and even fine more efficient ways of getting the shipment to your customer. This not only cuts down on labor costs, but also makes your customers happier—a win win.

“When managing a fleet of vehicles, knowing the real-time location of all drivers allows management to meet customer needs more efficiently. Whether it is delivery, service or other multi-vehicle enterprises, drivers now only need a mobile phone with telephony or Internet connection to be inexpensively tracked by and dispatched efficiently,” reports Wikipedia.

 Keeping up on Truck Maintenance ?When monitoring the exact mileage of your vehicles, you are able to keep up on your truck maintenance. Regularly maintaining your trucks allow you to save money down the line, since you more than likely will get more use out of your trucks.

 In all, the overall benefit of GPS fleet tracking software is cutting costs on all levels.  Being able to monitor your employees, streamlining routes and keeping up on truck maintenance all help your bottom line.


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