Costs of GPS Fleet Tracking Software?

 The main difference between passive and real-time GPS fleet tracking software is the on-going cost that real-time systems require.  Both upfront costs usually run around the same.  Of course, the more bells and whistles you get for your system, the more the price tag will go up as well.

The cost will also drive up if you have a large amount of vehicles.  Most systems are priced per vehicle, but with more vehicles, also come the means for more deliveries and profit.  In general you will find that prices range (for both systems) from $199-$599 depending on your vendor.  

You will find real-time monthly fees range from $25-$45 per month per vehicle.  It really just depends on the vendor and the features you need.  According to FieldLogix, “The industry standard is a 3 year lease with a $1 buyout. I would personally go this route, because after the 36 month term, I would pay $1 per device and I would own it free and clear. Other options include fair market value (FMV) and 10% buyout options. Fair Market Value is not very popular because it is difficult to place a market value on this equipment after 3 years. The 10% buyout option has similar challenges.”

The cost for these systems are very straightforward, which makes budgeting your costs much easier than other investments for your company.  To make sure you get the best cost for your business, consider the features you need, and features you may want down the road.  You can always build up your system.  Going at it a little at a time, such as testing it on just a segment of your fleet can be very beneficial, and save you money as well.


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