GPS Tracking Software Options

Just like with any type of software, there are different solutions available.  Before diving into one GPS systems, it is best to pin down exactly what you are looking for.  Are you looking for a better tracking device, and payroll options?  Do you need a better way to find more efficient routes? Once you have a better idea of your wants and needs, you can start studying which system is the best fit for your company.

There are two main types of GPS tracking—passive and active. Each one has great benefits, and it’s up t0 you to decide which one is the best fit for your company. To generalize, passive devices store GPS locations, speed, heading and also can keep track if the trucks door is opened or closed.  Active on the other hand, collects the same information as passive, but sends the information in real-time.

Passive Tracking

?Is a more manual approach to tracking. It requires your driver to log the information in a small computer inside the vehicle.  Once your driver returns to your home base, you can manually transfer the data from the truck into your computer.  

If your main goal is to have a lighter “surveillance” on your drivers and trucks, passive tracking is the best option You will be able to audit your drivers at your convenience once you get the data back from the truck. Generally, these systems are also cheaper since you don’t have to purchase or rent the real-time software.  

Real-Time Tracking

Depending on the size of your fleet, and the severity of travel times real-time tracking can be very beneficial.  If knowing the exact location of your drivers is necessary, real-time tracking is the option for your company.  

If you don’t want to hire more drivers, most real-time tracking devices allow you to streamline routes, and allow your drivers to hit more stops during their work days.  One thing you should keep in mind about real-time software is that there is usually a monthly fee of around $30 a month, per vehicle.

Although there is additional cost for real-time tracking, there is generally greater ROI when compared with passive tracking.  Because you can streamline your routes and get more of your drivers to deliver more goods, you usually make up the extra cost very easily.

Open Source Technology?

Still a new technology, open source GPS fleet tracking is a great option for entry-level commercial fleet enterprises. However, this technology can be used for larger scale operations as well.  According to the OpenGTS website it, “is the first available open source project designed specifically to provide web-based GPS tracking services for a "fleet" of vehicles. The various types of vehicles/assets being tracked include taxis, delivery vans, trucks/trailers, personal vehicles, service vehicles, containers, ships, ATVs, personal tracking, cell phones, and more.”




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