Things to Consider When Purchasing GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Shopping for major purchases can get overwhelming at times.  Knowing the right questions to ask is a must.  You need to understand exactly what your system will be providing your company, and sometimes just knowing what to ask make the difference in choosing one vendor over another.

What to Look For? As stated earlier, you need to know what your needs and wants are since there are many GPS fleet tracking software features available to you. How many trucks do you have to monitor?  Do you need a real-time solution, or just something to audit your employees twice a year?  Do you think you can cut down on the routes taken?  

Also, how computer savvy are you, or your team?  Do you need something simple and easy to use, or do you have an IT person on hand who can handle a more intricate system?  Would it be beneficial to hire an IT person and purchase a new system?  Projecting a ROI is also something to consider before making a purchase.

Contracts? Especially real-time systems, you will be paying a monthly fee on top of the flat rate for the software.  Because of this it is crucial that you read your contract carefully, and make sure you are aware of all monthly fees, and account for that in your budget.  

If you need some education on the software, make sure it is in the contract that the vendor will be able to train you and/or your employees on how to use the system.  There is always a learning curve when a new system is implemented, but cutting down the length of that curve is always a plus.

Hardware ?There will be some hardware that comes with your new system.  You will need to install dashboard systems into each truck, and there are a few ways you can do this.  There are clip on computers, which are the simplest way to have a GPS fleet tracking system implemented inside the truck.

Clip on devices are common, but if you are going for a real-time solution these devices are not an option.  The simplest device for real-time systems are devices that plug into the trucks on-board diagnostic computer.  The down side to both of these options, is the fact that it is easier for vandals to break into, or damage via a spilt cup of coffee.

A more expensive, but safer option is a hardwired under-dash system.  These systems are underneath your dashboard, making them invisible to criminals and a of course your coffee won’t be able to reach it either.


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