Buyer Guide to Graphic Design

Creating that “professional” image for your business is sometimes hard to do when you are the owner or decision maker.

Graphic designs can be found in print, brochures, web sites, magazines, and even educational books. Most graphic designers will balance their portfolio of services by doing both print and online media graphic design. However, some will only take jobs within their specific graphic design niche.

The creative process typically involves visual presentation and interaction between you and a graphic design professional. Typically composed of highly skilled individuals, great design companies should be able to take an idea and creatively translate it to an image without sacrificing any requested design elements.

Having a strong brand and image presence can set your company apart in a competitive marketplace. Think the golden arches of McDonalds, the red bullet of Target…all of these are graphic elements that are associated with businesses.

Creating a “brand” makes your business more memorable and relevant in a competitive industry. A high quality graphic design service should have experience with fostering and developing brands, with capabilities to create memorable designs that convey your message.

Purchasing graphic design services can either be through a graphic design company, where you will just receive design services, or a marketing consultancy where you will be given a myriad of web design services (SEO, branding strategy, product development) in addition to your design. When assessing what service you will be receiving from graphic design vendors, keep it simple when determining your requirements.

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