Basics of Graphic Design

Graphic design can be done by anybody, but effective graphic design requires a systematic approach to communicate the necessary materials. Graphic designers cover all ends of the creative spectrum, some specialize in text layout and others are more creatively inspired.

Most graphic designers are visual problem solvers who have some graphic user interface skills. Graphic user interface (GUI) designers have training in the human factors associated with navigating and browsing creative materials.

Typography is particularly important for interactive white papers, creative web design and much more. It is basically, the arrangement of type by selecting fonts, size, line length that aids user readership.

Page Layout
The page layout is the arrangement of your graphic design content on a page or print material. The placement of images, text and layout is carefully planned from the beginning to allow a systematic approach to communicating a purpose.

Graphic Interface Design
As previously mentioned many graphic designers are delving into GUI. Once a specialized industry, GUI ties almost all of the aspects within a graphic design project together within a website. From a business end, the GUI designer will look at branding, communication of the products, site readability and suggest alternatives to enhance the experience. Graphic user interface design is just a few of the many features that graphic design has.

Common Software Programs
Adobe InDesign- Multi-page layouts, often used for web design

Adobe Illustrator – A vector-based graphics editing program that is heavily used for logos, simple layouts, symbols and buttons.

Adobe Photoshop- A photo correction program that can be used to build wire frames and web sites. Sometimes web designs will be saved as PSD files, the standard Photoshop format. This application is not used for creating extensive logos.

QuarkXpress – Used by everyone from individual designers to corporate publishing houses to create a myriad of different layouts and multi-media projects. It used to be much more popular at the enterprise level but adoption has fallen due to Adobe and other open source software.

It’s sometimes important to be able to speak with graphic design companies face to face.

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