Common Graphic Design Services

If you are looking to hire graphic design services, you don’t need to be briefed on the history or types of design as much as you need to understand the most common graphic design services, and how they are different from one another. Great graphic design will convey your company’s message and have a functional purpose.

Web Graphic Design- The first step, before a website is coded is to create a layout and design. The planning phase is crucial to understanding your purpose and target audience. After fully understanding your needs, the web designer will sketch up layouts and designs that fit your business. Most graphic design companies will work (either internally or outsourced) to offer full service web development in addition to just graphic design. A great graphic designer doesn’t always translate to a great web designer, make sure that they have an understanding of heat maps and landing page optimization strategies; this ensures that your audience is directed to the right areas.

Banner Advertisement-Typically an advertising agency will work to provide you with working online banner ads. The visual elements on your banner ads are important because they determine who clicks your ad and how popular it is. Commonly, eye catching visuals and a “call to action” are necessary ingredients for effective banner advertising. Make sure that your graphic designer has experience working with banner ads because even great designers can create ineffective ads; it’s often a matter of functionality over flare.

Logo-Skimping on your logo design is not smart. This holds especially true for B2C, customer-centric businesses, logos are the identity of your business. The way people will recognize your brand and ultimately your business lies within your logo. A good logo should be memorable, convey your brand identity and be effective with and without color. Most graphic designers will follow a basic process when crafting your logo:

1.    Gathering information on your company
2.    Researching target market
3.    First sketches
4.    Online design
5.    Presentation and Revisions
6.    Finalize Design (receiving logo in any formats needed)

Brochure-There are many different types of brochures you have available to you ranging from point of sale prints to direct mail kits. You often will use a brochure to give to prospective clients looking for more information on your services. A great brochure will incorporate a clean design layout and should list your selling points to facilitate purchase decisions. A simple 3 fold brochure can be extremely “design heavy” if you are planning to include drawings, graphs and illustrations.

Business Cards- A business card is a chance to get truly creative. Businesses aren’t settling for plain 2 x 3 matte pieces of paper anymore; they are taking time to create unique, memorable business cards. Even the most creative business cards should show your contact details and fit within a wallet. Even if you are just looking for a clean, professional business card you should hire a professional to finalize your card.

Regardless if you are looking for online or print solutions, talking with graphic design vendors should give you a better understanding of your needs.

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