Communicating With Your Graphic Designer

One of the most common problems associated with hiring graphic design services are the lack of proper communication. The partnership is often mixing of left and right brains required working together. Stereotypically, business owners likely have little to no creative design chops, where graphic designers lack in analytical, and numbers based thought. However, great graphic designers likely are business owners as well; but either way, instead of butting heads you should work towards being the “Yang” to your graphic designers “Ying".

Before speaking with a graphic design vendor sketch out a general layout of how you would like your project to look. Even if it is the most basic, stick figures and blank boxes, it still will help you visualize the project needs. This in turn facilitates effective verbalization between your two parties. Planning ahead is sometimes difficult for business owners. We expect the graphic design firm to handle every facet of the project, but the fact is you have to lay the groundwork if you’re going to expect great results. After you layout the project scope, budget, timeline and expectations prepare the copy and images that are needed for the project. 

After the initial revision, talk to graphic designers not in terms of what exactly needs to be done, tell them the main issue rather than suggest changing specific items (ex: font). Don’t talk to a web designer like he/she is supposed to follow a chain of commands, explain the purpose. Be truthful with the graphic design company after the first revision and talk about topics such as emotion, purpose, and core function, rather than what’s wrong and what needs to be changed.

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