Graphic Design Prices and Tips

With graphic design it’s easy to verbalize what you want, but it’s often hard finding the best deals on services. The way that you pay graphic designers makes it difficult to transparently plan for the total costs. Many graphic designers will charge a flat fee that is split up on milestones; additional revisions and features are tacked on as extra costs. A select few will charge hourly, so depending on the scale of your project it may influence you to speak with graphic design vendors who can forecast your total costs based on both pricing models.

Typical web design firms will require a 50% initial fee before starting services. Web graphic design services range depending on your sites needs. Some graphic designers will be able to sketch up a PSD layout in a day, charge an hourly rate and be done; where others are more comprehensive and work on a step by step basis making revisions where needed. It’s so hard to put a price on graphic design service but, comparing price quotes from vendors will give you ballpark figures on your specific needs.


Size up Your Agreement
Be sure that you read over the contract agreement before signing it. Look at the terms of ownership, because sometimes a graphic designer will work a contract so that they still own the rights to their work. Make sure that the agreement clearly states the design ownership transfers to you .

Get referrals
You should get referrals from your graphic design vendor for businesses that they have serviced within a similar industry to you.

Look at their web site, if their site is poorly made and they specialize in graphic web design, you may want to look elsewhere. Their portfolio should give you a general feel for the industry they service, the quality of work and your fit with the company.

Call Them
Email is great, but communicating face to face, or at least of the telephone is particularly important for graphic design services. Chemistry between your team and theirs will ensure that you are happy with your end result. Explain your business, your graphic design needs and ask them to give you a rough price quote. Give them your budget and ask them about the costs of revisions.

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