Home Security System Terms

Central Stations Located in home systems, they allow you to disable an alarm 30-45 seconds before it goes off to deter false alarms.

2 Way Sensors

If an alarm is triggered you will be directed to an alarm company representative to report a false alarm or an emergency, if necessary.
Glass Sensors Sensors that convert the sound of glass breaking in to a signal that sets off an alarm.
Remote Monitoring Ideal service in which your service provider will directly contact you and or the appropriate authorities should your alarm sound.
Master Code The master code is used to bypass devices, turn on and off your alarm system and gives access to a technicians for installation.
Pre-Wired Home If your home is pre-wired, it means that it is already built for wired alarm system installation. This will likely lower costs of a hard wire security system.
Zones  Areas of your home are separated in to zones to simplify the alarm reporting process. Motion detection may be zone 1, where front door sensors are zone 2, etc…

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