Benefits of HR software

HR is a dynamic and constantly changing industry because more and more functions are thrown under the HR umbrella. If you are an HR professional, or just simply a business owner handling HR you are probably struggling to find the time for day-to-day tasks, let alone working towards making strategic HR decisions. A recent survey by Human Resource Executive found that 79% of HR professionals stress levels in their job has increased moderately or dramatically in the past 18 months. Human resource applications in HR software work to help you cut down time HR processes, freeing up your time and responsibilities.

If you are a smaller operation and have already thrown out the option of HR outsourcing, HR software will likely fit in your business perfectly. Handling HR functions in-house can have its benefits. Many businesses decide to outsource majority, if not some of their HR functions, however a recent study by Towers Perrin found that, “clients’ satisfaction levels begin to suffer (fall below 50% “satisfied”) when it comes to systems (core system maintenance and upgrades), along with some of the technology heavy processes, such as (employee and manager) self-service and contact centers.

Finding the Right Employees
HR software works to help your business acquire top talent. From recruiting tools, to applicant tracking, the integrated HR software applications allow flexible reporting and applicant matching tools.

Manage Employees
An HR software solution can control and manage all employee functions. You can track time, pay employees and administer benefits. HR software can also store information about employee performance, which makes promotion decisions easier for top executives.

Hosted HR software solutions offer simple, scalable services for HR professionals’ at minimal costs. The hosted HR software requires little capital up front, and the services, ranging from software to customer support are completely scalable. Meaning, if you initially aren’t interested in applicant tracking features, but later find that your business needs it, you are often able to integrate additional feature in to your web-based software.

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