Facts and Tips about HRIS

It’s easy to get lost on vendor pages searching through information on HR software so here are a few tips and facts about the industry and solutions.

•    You should grow strategically through HR - “Few HR leaders spend more than 10 percent of their time at the strategic level. At least half of their time is spent processing HR transactions. For some companies, time spent on transactions can be as high as 65 percent,” according to a Talent Management.
•    Balancing the wide variety of HR task is tough; make it easier with HR software -“The Happiness at Work index from Badenoch & Clark, a U.K. recruitment consultancy, found HR professionals top the list when it comes to workplace unhappiness. Even banking and financial services employees were happier.”
•    HR implementation is failing somewhere - The Accenture High-Performance Workforce Study, “found the majority of senior executives around the world want to view their HR leaders as strategic business partners, but very low percentages of those same executives are satisfied with HR’s performance from that perspective. Just 16 percent of U.S. executives claimed to be “very satisfied” with HR performance.”
•    Employee retention is a major concern amongst HR professionals – According to the Human Resource Executive Online study, “59% of HR professionals are concerned about the retention of talent as a recovery takes hold.”

Regardless of the economic climate, human resource departments will always be busy. Federal data reports that in January there were 4.9 million separations, including quits, layoffs, discharges and retirements in addition to 4.5 million hires. HR software is a functional solution regardless of the size of your business. Be sure to keep these tips in mind when comparing price quotes from HR software vendors.

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