HR Software Pricing

HR software is tailored to meet your organizational needs. So whether you track employees via biometric time and attendance systems or administer unique benefits, it is likely your HR software vendor will work around your needs. Many software packages come as a mix of fixed and variable pricing tied with the number of employees your business has. The pricing of your HR software varies substantially based on the number of employees and the scale of your business.

On Site Software
Locally operated HR software may be a fit for your company if you looking for a lower variable costs. Although there are simple HR software programs on the market for around $300-$1,000 dollars flat fee, you are often limited on some payroll and reporting tools. While fixed costs typically are around $100 per user for software licenses, the costs of installation and server maintenance can be a barrier to adoption. Servers typically range from $2,000 all the way to $15,000 and require IT professionals for maintenance and setup.

Hosted Solutions
If you want an integrated, long-term hosted HR solution, your costs will likely be variable ranging from $60 - $500 per month, depending on how many employees your business employs. Hosted solutions may be good for a business which lacks IT support and prefers remote access. Prices are often much smaller to set up and are based on monthly payments.

When looking at HR software prices it’s important to understand these systems will save your human resources department valuable time and money. These systems optimize recruiting efforts, minimizing the need for recruitment and temp services. Your business is also able to save on payroll processing if you are able to integrate your payroll and time and attendance systems in to one package your total cost will be much lower while improving your functionality. To compare HR software rates from vendors, click here.

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