HRO Tips

Determine your needs: Determine if you need to outsource certain business processes (BPO) or if you need to hire a full time PEO and employee leasing provider.
Align Your Company With its HRO Goals: The only way a working relationship will happen is if your company and the provider are on the same page about what offers value.  You must clearly convey your HR needs in the outsourcing agreement. Making sure that the provider will be able to deliver on these goals is equally as crucial.

Open Lines of Communication: Keeping open lines of communication will put your company and the HR outsourcing provider on the same page.  Open and honest communication will prevent issues from arising and help your company reach its goals.

Monitor Work: Establishing a retained in-house HR professional or department may be needed to monitor the work of your HRO provider. This will ensure your company is receiving the maximum value proposition for its investment by aligning corporate goals and results.

Strategic Focus: One of the benefits of HRO is that it enables management to focus on core competencies. When trust is established between HRO provider and your company you can enlist them to begin making HR strategic management decisions. HRO traditionally dealt with simple tasks such as workers compensation, but the services are evolving as businesses are finding HRO providers have the expertise and knowledge of best practices.

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