IT Consulting To Ramp up Security

The average security breach can cost a company between $90 and $305 per lost record, according to a new study from Forrester Research, and even more frightening, “after calculating the expenses of legal fees, call centers, lost employee productivity, regulatory fines, stock plummets and customer losses, it can be dizzying, if not impossible, to come up with a true number.”

Some IT consulting services begin their security program with unique identity and access management capabilities. This reduces the risks of business application passwords and logins being stolen. Management of business security systems are the primary reasons why some businesses employ IT consultants, a recent study by security vendor Acunetix, “claimed that as many as 70% of the 3,200 corporate and non-commercial organization Web sites its free Web based scanner has examined since January 2006, contained serious vulnerabilities and were at immediate risk of being hacked.” Based on this study, it is more likely than not that your business is vulnerable to an attack.

Your IT professional may suggest you develop and follow the 8 Levels of Information Technology Security to guide your business along a systematic plan for data security.

These steps ensure that accurate security parameters are working before moving on to the next.

1.Risk Management Framework
2. Security Policy
3. Logging, Monitoring and Reporting
4. Virtual Perimeters
5. Environmental and Physical Information
6. Platform Security
7. Information Assurance and Data Assurance
8. Identity Access Privilege Management

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