IT Consulting Terms

IT Consulting
Advising businesses how to best use information technology to meet business objectives.
Data Warehousing
A term to describe a system used in an organization to collect data.
Storage Area Networks
Increases data storage capacity utilization by having multiple servers combine their private storage space onto disk arrays.
Click Fraud Prevention
Preventing unauthorized clicks on advertising networks that use pay-per-view or per-click.
IT service management
Management of IT systems from customer's perspective.
An object based programming language to create executable content that can be distributed on the web.
Content Management Systems
Allows a large amount of people to work together by managing workflow in a collaborative online or offline environment.
Platform Security
Security model that is used to protect an entire platform and secures the entire span of software or devices on that platform.
Security Policy
A security policy is a document that outlines the rules, laws and practices for computer network access.

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