Buyer Guide to Life Insurance

For businesses to retain hard-working, top-notch employees, it is important to make available life insurance benefits to protect employees and their loved ones for years to come.

With life insurance through an employer, employees can supplement any existing individual life insurance plans, adding another layer of protection for them and their families.
In many cases, life insurance is not an option in small businesses smaller than 15 employees. When it is an available, it will generally be offered in a “menu” plan, meaning there are a number of employee benefits, such as group life or group long-term or short term disability.
The group insurance policies offered as part of employee life insurance typically come in one of two ways. Some plans make available a flat rate for all employees, often an amount calculated to provide for the expense of a basic funeral. Others provide a multiple of the employee's annual income.
By shopping for different life insurance quotes, your small business can get some great deals and quality life insurance for the employees who make your company go.


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