Features of Maintenance Management Software

Different CMMS systems and management software cater to specific industries while others are more universal. Some of the most common features are work order processing, preventative maintenance reporting, and asset management functions.

 Work Order Functions

  • Documents work requests in the system
  • Manages the work request process
  • Converts work requests to work orders seamlessly assigning the optimal number of staff for each assignment
  • Tracks parts, labor and costs of the work
  • Reports on job time, downtime and response time
  • Services for unique and robust messaging, including email and SMS reporting on work orders

Inventory Management

  • Comprehensive data on the details of your organizations resources and equipment
  • Detailed look at the condition of an asset over a timeline
  • A complete history of products and equipment by any retrievable attribute

Preventative Maintenance

  • Plans routine maintenance ahead of time, so you gather necessary resources
  • Schedules PM tasks based on equipment or facility meter readings, to remain compliant with laws
  • Gives notice to your organization about the maintenance schedule
  • Includes a safety briefing of notes with every task
  • Allows you to assign the most effective employees to each equipment

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