Maintenance Management Software Benefits

Company equipment is an expensive investment, sometimes running in the millions which is why businesses need to protect these investments with proactive measures. CMMS software can increase the availability of your assets, and prolong equipment’s life. Often companies that implement CMMS software experience reduced labor and cost for maintenance. According to a CFI report, “Savings associated with increased productivity in maintenance labor…(can be figured out by determining) the total maintenance labor cost (including fringe, overtime, contract labor) and multiply it by 15%.” Most basic maintenance management software can help your company by decreasing equipment downtime, reducing maintenance costs, and tracking and managing work orders.

Decreasing Equipment Downtime
Equipment downtime can severely impact the productivity of your organizational goals. Your business should always execute an efficient preventive maintenance program for vital equipment. One important feature of CMMS software is the ability to monitor the movement of your operations from a preventative maintenance schedule to a hybrid predictive maintenance system. Both systems are equally important, according to the CFI report; “industry averages 10-25% savings by implementing a solid PM (preventive maintenance) program.”

The CMMS software pools equipment data, including bill of materials, preventative maintenance schedules, safety procedures, inspection routes and much more. The software data will then be reported to the maintenance manager who will use it to make day-to-day operations schedules and cost effective replace or repair decisions.

Managing Work Orders
CMMS software will also manage work orders in a system. Scheduling and assigning job duties, reserving materials for equipment and recording costs are just a few of the tasks this software provides. Maintenance managers or other personnel can submit work requests, and record PM work orders. For instance, the software can populate the most efficient way to submit the work order, and allow you to assign multiple employees to work orders. In some instances, CMMS can operate as a fleet management software tool as well as maintenance management tool.

Reducing Maintenance Costs ?
Maintenance management system software employs preventative maintenance scheduling software that can be used to layout and manage your PM program. Depending on the size of your organization, the preventative maintenance software can be tailored to your needs. Management and knowledge of spare parts and other materials that are needed for particular jobs saves valuable time and money. Of course, most of the cost savings associated with CMMS systems come from preventative maintenance, according to a study published by ASME, “ the maintenance cost per horsepower of general industrial rotating machinery found that when no PM or PdM program was in place, the cost of maintenance was $18 per horsepower per year. By using just PM, that was reduced to $13/HP-Yr and a combination of PM and PdM reduced it to $8/HP-Yr.”

Access To Maintenance Reports
?Accessing crucial data regarding employee and equipment operations helps maintenance managers make strategic decisions. The CMMS software interface reports to employees and management, spare parts, tools, and other materials. If you are employing the same vendor, ask about CMMS software functionality with your supply chain management software.It may also include the ability to reserve materials for specific jobs, record where materials are stored and determine when new materials need to be purchased. 

Real-time reporting on inventory prevents work order slip-ups and the occasional human error. If you have a machine requiring in-house parts, the software will put those parts on “reserve” so they cannot be issued to another work order. When there are no parts left in inventory, an “out of stock” alert will be sent to management so orders can be placed and budgets can be set. The real-time reporting will also reduce discrepancies with labor scheduling and eliminate over scheduling resources and employees.


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