Maintenance Management Software Prices

Maintenance management software pricing depends on your specific software needs. If you are managing a fleet of workers and million-dollar equipment, you may be looking upwards of a hundred thousand dollars. However with CMMS software, the cost is not necessarily the only binding element of a purchase decision, ROI is the real determinant. According to the Machinery Health Care Study, “The costs of the software start as low as $1000 and go upwards from there. Corporations employing their own mainframes can spend millions. A single plant, buying a good, mid-level PC system can expect to pay $5000 to $20,000, depending on functionality. That cost covers the software and training in using the software.”

With CMMS software, base costs may be low but adding additional customization features brings the costs up. Also, be sure to budget for implementation and ongoing maintenance with your CMMS. Even though these seem scary, you can increase your ROI significantly, reduce maintenance costs by up to 60% and decrease downtime to 45%. 

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