Maintenance Management Software Terms


Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) 
A software solution that maintains information on an organization’s maintenance operations and is designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance activities.
Preventative Maintenance (PM)
Work done on equipment of facility that is a part of its upkeep and follows a pre-determined schedule. To continue to proper and ensure long term use PM Is used.
Inventory Control
Found in maintenance management software, reducing the amount an organization spends on inventory by guaranteeing the right parts are available at the right time.
Work Request Management
Provides solutions or tools for submitting work requests and information on the work requests (when they need to be made, why, and how).
Work Order
The document that is attached to the maintenance of an item. A typical work order contains, a description, details of the equipment, a tracking number, who it was assigned to, priority, time spent and inspection notes (A time and attendance system for the work being done).
Predictive Maintenance (PdM)
Integrates your computer system with your telephone system, the call center rep has access to callers’ information, which allows them to provide much better service.
Cost Tracking
Allows managers to pull relevant data, including labor, parts, and materials costs by definable criteria. 
PM Reporting
Common reporting that allows the manager to access every piece of equipment that is due for preventative maintenance.


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