Management Training for the Individual: Option One

Taking management training programs individually is a great way to further a career in business. Many technical schools and community colleges offer management training programs online that employees can take without having to quit his or her job and become a student. Many times, employers will encourage this type of training and potentially contribute to the costs. The most popular way to get formal management training is through a certification program; although there are formal degrees an individual can pursue for a more extensive understanding of management.

Bachelor’s Degrees
For the individual looking to complete a Bachelor’s degree in business management, almost every University offers business management in one form or another. Find a local college or University in near you, and look for degrees such as Business Administration, Project Management, or Organizational Leadership.
Master’s Degrees
Many colleges and Universities also offer Master’s Degree Programs in Management that can be taken online and completed in 12 to 24 months. However, for a Master’s degree program there are often prerequisites to enrolling, so a call to your college or University of choice will be necessary.
Office Management Certificates
Office Management certificates are part time programs, much like getting an Associate’s Degree, that prepare any employee or prospective employee for managerial roles without necessarily having the formal degree. Programs are usually given through a community or technical college and require students to complete coursework designed to work with relevant manager issues and potential decisions that fall under a manager’s umbrella of responsibility. These certificates are also available online for the working individual and may require a prerequisite of prior manager experience.
Technical or community colleges also frequently offer seminars geared toward specific topics in the field of management. These seminars are usually two to three days and nights, so they are often the quickest and easiest way to brush up on your management skills and certainly worth mentioning in an interview; however, there is usually no certification connected with this management training route.

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