Management in the OfficeYour Own Training Program: Option Three

Continually going through what is expected of your employees is a must in any company. If you are the owner of a company and your company managers are on the right track, yet you want to improve their performance, creating a project management program of your own to take place in the office is likely the easiest, most specific, and most effective way of accomplishing this goal. Below lists six steps to begin the process of creating your own training program:

1. First create a document that lays out exactly what you want your managers to be doing each day. By creating a set of specific goals you will help your managers stay focused and less confused about their expectations. If telling your managers what to do is not your style, try sitting down with your managers and asking them to come up with a set of guidelines to get their minds thinking about responsibilities of a manager.
2. Go over an office handbook (if you do not have an office handbook then that should be your first step!) Go over any changes made to the handbook, highlight sections that are particularly important to managers, and explain what a manager can do to improve in these specific departments of your company. Do not simply tell your mangers to read the handbook—you must go over it with them!
3. Create a list of things you see that could be improved in the office, and use these as examples in your management training meetings. Ask your mangers how to improve these problems and have your own solutions to bring up if not discussed.
4. Begin by having your managers come in every week for a training session. If you are out in the office throughout the week, take notes to bring up at your meetings. When your managers are prepared for a reflection each week, they should begin to notice things as their week progresses that need attention.
5. If you have new managers going through training, consider asking a more advanced member of your managerial staff to work with your new manager. This will allow your more experienced manager to review his or her skills.
6. As an owner or the person leading the management training, you must be excited. Your excitement and enthusiasm will go a long way when it comes to employee motivation.

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