Management Training with Outside Assistance: Option Two

Management Training with Outside Assistance: Option Two

Getting management training from an outside organization is the best option for a management staff that is very off track in terms of basic managerial commitments. This option is the least popular simply because many companies prefer to conduct training themselves, so choices in terms of outside organizations are limited; however they do exist.
Courses Brought to the Office
Working with an outside organization can still be catered to your business’s needs. Often times management training programs work with the company to discover what specifically needs to be accomplished through any given program and then create a list of objectives. Any outside business that is hired is usually flexible and can spend an entire day on management training, or come in short spurts throughout the week.
There are several companies available that will work for anyone interested in management training courses. When it comes to choosing a provider for this type of work, there are a couple things to consider.
1. How long is the session? – Some companies space out training over a few days. This generally takes more time, but prospective managers get a more in-depth look at the job of manager. Going over different skills each day will also help these soon-to-be managers review and consider questions about the material. However, for someone who has already had managerial experience, a simple one day session should work just fine. In this case, a program such as 4 Hour Training would be best. 
2. What is the Teaching Style? – If you are bringing in a program for more than one employee, it is important to think about what type of teaching style a company offers. Some companies offer multiple learning styles so that each person can get the best possible learning experience. By catering to multiple intelligences, your managers will all have an equal opportunity.
3. What is the type of program? – Some companies offer programs which are strictly lecture based, while others offer programs that get employees working and practicing in different scenarios that may occur at the management level. Depending on what type of company you run, will depend on what type of program works best.
Online Courses
For companies who are not interested in requiring employees to obtain a formal degree or certification, online courses are a great option. This option works whether you are training one manager or several because the hours are so flexible. An online program allows for your employee to stay employed as opposed to leaving for school because the program can be taken anywhere and at any time.
When choosing an online course there are two big things to consider:
1. Completion Certificate – Be sure that any online program you choose for yourself or for your employees offers a completion certificate when finished. If not, you run the risk of employees lying or a boss not believing that you actually took the course. A good program will offer some sort of certificate to print.
2. Information Availability – Certain courses offer a feature where you can refer back to your studies as much as one year after completing the course. This is a great feature on both the side of the boss and the side of an individual looking for a job or promotion. If a problem arises that the newly-trained manager cannot seem to fix, they can refer back to their course.


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