Buyer Guide to Office Copiers

The “paperless office” has been predicted as the wave of the future for some time now.  Most businesses aren’t quite there yet, but can take steps in the right direction by purchasing an efficient copier machine or multi-function device for printing and copying needs.  The right copy machine can reduce your business’ reliance on paper documents, make document management more efficient, and conserve office space and electricity.

The copy machine was invented out of necessity.  Prior to photocopying machines, businesses used carbon paper to make copies in a tedious and energy consuming process.  An attorney at the US Patent office who suffered from severe arthritis sought a better way, and patented a technology he called “Xerography,” where documents could be reproduced using light and electricity.  He shopped his invention around to several companies, including IBM and GE, who both passed on his offer.  He eventually sold the technology to the company that became Xerox, and a photocopier became a staple in nearly every office that used written documents. 

Photocopiers today have undergone dramatic transformations in terms of technology, efficiency, and usefulness.  Most photocopiers have the capacity to link to a network and can also be used to print and scan original documents.  Where photocopiers were once accused of creating huge volumes of paper waste, an all in one printer scanner copier can now help a business reduce overall paper use by strategically printing only the materials that are needed.  Models are now more energy efficient, have longer life spans, and use recycled components.  While the goal of a paperless office might be farther off than previously thought, purchasing the right copy machine can be a great way to reduce office waste and use less energy for common business functions. 

In this guide, we will outline the various features of printer copiers, offer tips for purchasing, and review the costs of copy equipment, supplies, and services.  The best way to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your business is to learn as much about your purchase as possible, so make sure you do your research before seeking out a vendor.

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