Benefits of an Office Copier

Whether you are looking to replace your current copier machine or purchase one for the first time, there are many benefits of having the most up-to-date equipment at your office.  No matter what your industry, printer copiers device can probably save you money on printing costs and help you conserve office resources. 

Many businesses that don’t have an office copier rely on outside printing services for things like advertisements, brochures, and document management.  This can be expensive and time consuming.  An in-office all in one printer copier are able to scan, copy, and print documents quickly and cost far less than paying ten cents per page at a copy store like FedEx or Kinko’s.  Copy and printing services must also be arranged in advance, and last minute changes can be costly and difficult.  Using an in-office copier allows you to produce marketing materials or manage documents in-house, saving both money and time.

Owning or leasing a copy machine can also help your office conserve resources.  Not only can you purchase a refurbished copy machine and recycle the machine at the end of it’s use life, you can also make sure that all components, such as toner, ink, and paper, are produced from ecologically friendly materials and recycled after use.  An accessible copier/scanner also allows you to make copies only when necessary, saving paper and office space that would be used to store physical documents. 

Most office copiers are multi-function devices, meaning that they also have the capacity to accept faxes and print documents.  This saves the cost of purchasing multiple machines that will consume more electricity and clutter office counter space. 

Ultimately, the best thing about an in-office copy machine is convenience.  Making copies will be quick and efficient, and you can decide when and if copies are necessary for any given task.  Cutting down on office waste not only saves money, it’s good for businesses making an effort to “go green.” 

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