Outsourcing Services and Options

IT outsourcing companies provide many different services- IT companies cater to smaller businesses and larger companies alike.  Here are a few common options that businesses choose to outsource:

Strategic Planning and Asset Management: When should your company purchase custom software?  How do you know when to archive data or switch to a larger processing center?  An outsourced IT company can act as a CIO (Chief Information Officer) ot an IT management consulting source for small and large businesses alike, providing advice on purchasing and strategic decisions that can impact long-term business goals. 

On Site Support:  Most employees’ interaction with an in-house IT department consists of this- the everyday “fixes” to equipment, computer settings, or access permissions that are so common in offices of every size.  Outsourcing or IT consulting companies offer on-site support, too- it just may need to be scheduled instead of accessed on demand. 

Managed Hosting: Managed server hosting or managed application hosting are options akin to “leasing” a particular programs or software.  An IT outsourcing company can dedicate a server to your business, or use a shared server for your computing needs.  Managed server hosting is often used in conjunction with an outsourced data center or other web hosting functions.  Managed hosting is an attractive option to many companies without the skills or resources to maintain or update software themselves.

Software as a Service (SaaS):
If your business provides software to consumers or to other businesses, you may want to consider switching to a SaaS model.  Businesses that provide software can deliver it in two ways: allow clients to purchase and install it on their own computers, or host it for clients to use.  If you want to offer a hosted option for software your business provides, an outsourced IT firm can help you with the infrastructure and support necessary. 

Data Center Outsourcing: Data centers can take a lot of computer power- and often more resources (in terms of space) than businesses located in a major metropolitan cities are able to provide.  Outsourcing data processing or data storage is one of the most common uses of outsourced IT. 

In addition to the above, most IT outsourcing companies can also provide the following services: 

  • Email and virus protection
  • Data backup, recovery, and transfers
  • Client/Employee orientation and training
  • Hardware replacement and repair
  • Wireless support
  • Procurement

Speak with the providers you are considering to get a better idea of the services available to your company. 

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