Buyer Guide to Pay-Per-Click

Pay per click advertising, also known as PPC is an Internet advertising pricing model, where advertisers pay a host website when their ad is clicked. PPC business models can be found on search engines and content sites as the predominant pricing model for online advertisers. When advertising on search engines, advertisers will typically bid on a keyword or set of keywords that is relevant to their target market. With content sites, advertisers will typically charge a fixed price per click.

PPC wasn’t always as popular as it is today; in fact it wasn’t until 2002 when PPC was introduced. Before then, advertisements were priced on a cost per thousand impressions model. This meant that for every 1,000 times your ad was shown you would be charged certain amount, regardless if it was even clicked. This model is still around; however advertisers only employ CPM methods for niche strategies like increasing brand awareness, where PPC is used with majority of online advertising strategies.

PPC Management
Managing pay per click campaigns requires a few key steps, keyword research, landing page optimization, copywriting and bid optimization. If you have extra time or marketing resources, it may make sense for you to handle your advertising in-house. However for many businesses it makes sense to hire the assistance of PPC management and marketing companies. These firms are highly specialized in PPC marketing and can maximize revenue through effective copywriting, bid optimization and ingenuitive key phrase strategies.

PPC strategy sometimes gets tricky, and that’s why PPC services will assist you in the challenge of keeping your bid low enough to be profitable and high enough to generate a volume of requests. Paid search is a short term strategy for businesses that should be integrated within your existing long term SEO online marketing strategy. Achieving track able, focused marketing is much simpler with PPC advertising. Paid search is a great way for businesses ranging from startups to corporations to achieve measurable marketing returns. This Buyer Guide will work to inform you on the basics of pay per click advertising and average pricing for PPC management focusing your PPC purchasing decision.

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