Pay-Per-Click Terminology

Auto Bidding A process by which your bid on a keyword is automatically received and altered by $.01 when a key competitor alters their bid.

Conversion Rate

The percentage of visitors who actually are converted into purchasers or downloader’s of your product/service. You find conversion rate by dividing the number of clickthroughs by conversions.

Keyword Bid

The maximum cost you are willing to pay for a click to your website from an ad.
Broad Match A type of keyword that will show your ad for a very wide variety of terms, if they match in even the smallest way. These keywords often give a high volume and low conversion rate.

Your businesses desired action, taken by a website visitor is a conversion. PPC management services are able to track conversions on everything from white paper downloads to purchase decisions.

In a PPC you are allowed the ability to set your ad to appear in certain locations. Whether it be city, state or nation wide, local marketing works very well for some industries.
Quality Score A formula used by search engines to determine how close your landing page is to your campaign. This is done to keep irrelevant ads out of keywords and establish trust with online advertising. Changing an ad can change its quality score. A PPC management firm will know the best tactics to use to get the highest quality scores.

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