PPC Management Services

Knowing what you get from PPC management services is important for knowing what typical PPC service entails.

Business Objective Analysis
Many firms will work with you to focus your goals and set up a campaign that achieves specifically what your business goals are from your PPC campaign. A PPC company will likely ask you how you measure success, and what your current marketing strategy is. It’s important that a PPC management company fully understands your business so they will be able to suggest unique keywords and maximize conversions.

Development of Targeted Landing Page
When using PPC, a landing page is a crucial ingredient to your success. One of the first things that many firms look at is your landing pages, and how they are going to drive conversions. Some full service PPC management firms will go as far as developing customized landing pages with personalized URLs for your campaigns.

High Quality Score (Google) - It is crucial that your landing pages strive to achieve high quality scores with your campaign (relevance between your page and the keyword/ad copy). It will lower your cost per click and improve your ad placement and CTR.

Campaign Creation
The creation of a great PPC campaign takes a lot of back end research and strategy. These strategies include:

Research Keywords
Keyword research is the cornerstone of your PPC campaigns. A well structured, researched set of keywords can really provide value for your company. Whether it includes a mix of broad and popular keywords, or it if it is focused on long tail and local phrases, be sure that you diversify your keyword strategy.

Setting Negative Keywords
Negative keywords are terms that can be used to filter out bad traffic. Setting negative keywords in your PPC campaign helps you reduce wasteful ad spending by eliminating irrelevant clicks.

Ad Copy
PPC management firms will sort through your conversions and click through rates for both search and content based ads, revising and creating unique and exciting ad copy.

Split testing
Testing that includes showing different variations of your PPC campaign, to see which variation gets you the best results. This will give your PPC management company insight in to what works best with your advertising.

Competitor Benchmarking
When desired, you can retrieve competitive data reports on your competitions successes for cross comparing purposes. Many PPC services will give you internal benchmarks for free which may be even more important information to assess your potential.

Campaign Tweaking
Going through your campaign adding and removing keywords that aren’t converting. Management companies will also suggest new ideas for ad improvement and use strategic reporting tools to modify ad copy, keywords and bids.

Bid Management
Bid management, is the process of maximizing ad position and bid price for you. A skilled PPC specialist will be able to minimize overbidding for keywords, saving you money, while still achieving the rankings you desire. You will simply tell them the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a search term, and bid management will include a set of rules to up your rankings.

The main goals of many PPC management firms are to become a third party profit center for your company.

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