Tips for a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Every PPC firm should be able to understand your business, how it generates sales, and who your target market is. Each PPC firm will have its own unique specialty. Some will specialize in large corporate paid search, where other will work well with banner optimization. Be sure to understand each of your PPC firm’s niche business by looking for a few key features.

Look for PPC Experience
Relevant PPC experience can really help you achieve economies of scale. If your PPC firm doesn’t have relevant experience, they are more prone to make mistakes managing your campaigns. They may also have a harder time understanding your core customer and deliver a lower ROI than a more experienced, higher priced firm. Experienced PPC firms will have a better understanding in developing working ad copy, landing pages and keywords.

Ask About Reporting
Reporting is your link to the PPC firm. It should be completely visible and traceable so your company can assess ROI. Take time to get familiar with the reporting tools that your PPC firm uses. This will allow you to understand the metrics that are presented to you. PPC management firms can sometimes skew data to make it look like they were more successful than they actually were; so knowing what to look for with PPC performance is important.

Ask About Their Strategy
A great thing to know is the basic strategy your paid search campaign will be undergoing. Will you be placing majority of your ad spending on Google Adwords? Are you going to be implementing long tail keywords or competing on broad competitive keywords? What measures does your PPC firm take if they are unsuccessful in achieving goals?

Ask How Hands-on They Are
Will your firm be changing your ad text and monitoring campaigns on daily basis? If you are in a competitive industry with high bid pricing, in order see results you may need someone managing your campaign on a daily basis to optimize bids.

PPC firms range in experience and niche offerings. One of the most important aspects of a successful PPC firm is their transparency in reporting tools. In addition to experience, getting a PPC firm that works with you to help you understand exactly what they are doing with your campaign is priceless.

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