Postage Meter Features

Postage meters themselves all have basically the same function- they stamp and postmark your mail at your office, eliminating the need for trips to the post office for drop offs or to pay for stamps or shipments.  Postage meters are able to apply postage in the same way the USPS does.  Postage meters can be used for all of the following:

  •  Sending Registered or First Class mail
  • Generating a certificate of mailing (a receipt that shows the date and time of mailing)
  • Adding insurance to valuable shipments
  • COD (Collect on Delivery) for mailing merchandise to customers
  • Delivery confirmation

The features of the meter itself can be integrated with any mailing system.  Here are a few of the most popular features:

Login/Password access:  With this feature, users must enter a code before mail can be stamped.  Codes can be assigned to different employees, different departments, and even different clients- a feature that is especially helpful for companies that bill clients for postage and materials.  Login/password access also allows a business to track its postal expenses more accurately, in real time.

Saved “bulk” mailing settings:  If you regularly send a specific mailing (employee pay stubs, etc.) you can save the setting (number of envelopes, postage costs) for repeated use.  Most meters that have postal scales attached will allow you to “save” settings for common mailing weights such as envelopes or brochures.

Automatic Reset and Date Advance:  Most postage meters are equipped with some kind of calendar- this is how mail is postmarked.  Make sure to use a machine with automatic date advance to avoid having to input date information yourself if you have a large volume of outgoing mail or if multiple employees will be using the machine.

Most of the “features” people consider when they think of postage meters actually apply to the mailing system that the meter is a part of.  Equipment used for folding brochures, sealing envelopes, and weighing packages (like digital scales) can be purchased separately, often for far less, once you’ve made your choice with respect to leasing a meter.  Remember, meters are just the mechanism for calculating and applying postage costs- other mailing equipment can be acquired from other sources.

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