Postage Meter Supplies and Materials

The supplies and materials you should purchase depend on the mail you plan on sending.  The most basic supplies required by postage meters are envelope sealer and printer ink.  Both can be purchased from a postage meter vendor, or from a chain office supply store.  Online retailers also sell postage meter supplies, often for far less than many postage meter vendors. 

If you plan on using the meter to send packages, you’ll probably need to purchase printable shipping labels.  Most postage meters are equipped with postal scales, or digital scales that weigh shipments and calculate postage amounts.  The label is printed, rather than stamped on the shipping container.  Labels can also be purchased inexpensively from various sources.  Many businesses choose to have mailing supplies such as ink, envelopes, envelope sealer, labels, and other materials delivered on a monthly or quarterly basis.  This can be a cost effective arrangement if you’re certain you’re getting the best deal on the supplies.  Make sure you shop around before committing to a supply contract in order to avoid purchasing more than you need. 

Advanced Supply Options
If you’re planning to use the postage meter as part of a comprehensive mailing system, you’ll probably need more supplies than ink and envelopes.  Letter folding machines, “tabbing” devices, and other equipment all require unique supplies to function.  If you purchase specialized equipment, be sure to ask about maintenance contract and supply options.

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