Why Use a Postage Meter?

Using a postage meter is like having a shipment center right in your office. You’ve heard how big companies have “mail rooms,” right? Postage meters allow your office to have the same capabilities. On-site mail systems make sense for a variety of reasons:

Using an on-site postage meter means that postage is available at all times. You can stamp and postmark shipments as needed without rushing to make it to the post office by 5, and can weigh shipments using your own postal scales, making adjustments to packaging methods on your own time. There’s no need to purchase stamps, wait in line, or trek heavy boxes in and out of your office in order to process mail shipment effectively.

Cost Savings
According to one postage meter company, statistics indicate that small businesses can save up to 20% of postage costs a year by switching to a postage meter. This is because most business owners and employees “round up” when stamping an envelope- and end up overpaying in the process. Since most postage meters come equipped with digital scales, you know exactly how much each piece of mail costs to ship, and will never overpay. You’ll also save on trips to the post office or expensive shipments using a private mailing company.

Postage meters allow you to pay for postage as you use it or as a monthly charge. This flexibility is especially helpful for businesses with large shipment volume or those that send bulk mail- in fact, a postage meter will allow you to take advantage of discount rates on bulk shipments, so long as you qualify for a bulk mail permit from the USPS.

Accuracy and Monitoring
Postage meters can be equipped with password-protected tracking features, where each employee, department, or even client is assigned a specific code for mailings. This way, it’s easy to monitor where your postage dollars are being spent. Businesses that bill clients for services such as postage also find this feature helpful. Postage costs can be calculated exactly- and budgeted for- when using a postage meter- a big improvement over purchasing stamps out of petty cash several times a month. You’ll also have access to the most current US postage rates- most meters allow you to download current information easily and quickly.

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