Choosing the Right Promo Items

Many companies choose the cheapest or “most cost-effective” promotional items. However, many fail to consider cheap items are often the merchandise thrown away, thus making its core purpose of promoting your business, ineffective. When businesses align their campaign strategy with promotional products, they are able to offer creative solutions, providing value without breaking the bank.

According to the Advertising Specialties Impressions Study, “the majority (81%) of promotional product items that were kept were done so because they were considered useful.” Choosing a useful product and aligning with some aspect of your business is very important. For example, if your business takes clients on golf outings, make sure to have branded golf balls and golf gloves around to pass out.

Your business can choose from virtually any promotional item for your business; basic products are t-shirts, cups, pens, and books. If the overall marketing campaign strategy is to increase brand loyalty, you may want to select promotional merchandise that can be intimately used (calculators or binders). On the flip side, if you are marketing to people who have never seen your brand, you may want to differentiate promotional product from others in the industry. Customizing promotional items to stand out and provide value can expand your marketing options. If you feel you really have a great promotional item, you may be able to limit the items giveaway to users who sign up for your service, newsletter, etc…

Great promotional items are:

1.    Items your target customers need and want.

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