Common Promotional Items

Some common business promotional items are pens, shirts, hats, bags and glassware. Writing instruments are by far the most cost-effective promotional item. In an impressions study done by ASI, “writing materials were owned by 54% of those surveyed where as calendars are only owned by a mere 17%.” However, how often do you look at your pen and remember the company that gave it to you? Even though the recipient may keep the pen, it doesn’t mean they will be reminded of your business each time they use it. More specialized promotional items have a different functional purpose than “mass market” promo items. Specialized items are used primarily for events or a specific niche customer where common merchandise can sit in the office and be passed out whenever needed.

Basic promo items are more common, but this doesn’t mean they are any less effective. Even though 81% of advertising specialties are owned for less than a year, common items like glassware are used once per day by 25% of people.

Common Items Include:
•    Tote bags
•    Water bottles
•    Polo shirts
•    Coozies
•    Coffee mugs
•    Pens
•    Notepads
•    Calculators

As previously mentioned, some variation of these items should be kept around the office or the place where you interact with clients. They are great for giving new and perspective clients after meeting, to remind them of your company post-meeting.

Specialized Items Include:
•    Branded tradeshow photo booth pictures
•    Personalized umbrellas
•    Golf balls with your company logo
•    USB Key rings

Specialized items are primarily for the use within a tradeshow and event setting. These products may have a higher value to the consumer because they are specifically chosen to serve functional use in conjunction with the event. In the same impressions study by ASI, “57% of survey respondents were more impressed with the company after receiving “other” (specialized) gifts from them, when in contrast, only 30% of respondents had a more favorable impression of the company when receiving generic material such as writing instruments.”

It’s important to personalize an experience, minimizing the gap between your core products and services and promotional material is made possible with a well executed strategy. For merchant price quotes on promotional items, click here.

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