Promotional Items Prices

The price of promotional materials depends on what items you choose to promote your brand on. You can get more accurate price quotes from merchants, but typically for general merchandise such as glassware mugs, you will be paying around $1-$15 per item. Finding a vendor who will work with your business is very important to getting the best rates on promotional items. You shouldn’t assess your promo merchandise needs on a short term basis, but more as a long term relationship with your merchant. Because you are most likely in need of promotional materials for each trade show, you are going to look for a qualified merchant that you can consult with on a regular basis.

When looking at specific items price list, you will notice the more you buy, the less the price per unit. Price breaks are often available for businesses that deal with a merchant on multiple occasions, but you still may be able to get discounts. Ask your vendor where each price break is set because it’s always best to get more than you need and pass them out sporadically.

Additional Fees
If you are printing with a wide variety of colors you may encounter additional, per-color charges. Especially true in screen printing industry, when you are making t-shirts each additional color will likely cost you around $.50 per shirt. You should budget for a set up fee of around $100 per promotional item.

Taking the additional steps to make sure your promotional material look professional is sometimes worth the extra costs. If you are able to see a portfolio of their works you can assess whether a higher cost means higher quality, because sometimes a lower a cost vendor means higher quality. It all depends on the type of product you are promoting and the occasion.

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