Web- Based or On-Site Property Management Software?

A major pricing decision depends on whether you will be running the software locally or hosted. Hosted software is a more expensive short term solution which may offer additional web based features, where on-site property management software requires it to be installed directly on your computer systems or server.

Web-based property management software gives users the ability to connect to the software virtually anywhere with Internet access. This gives web-based solutions a bit more flexibility; here are a few key advantages of web-based property management software:

Minimal IT Requirements- Since your property data, documents and applications are housed in a central location and monitored by your hosts IT staff you will not have to hire additional IT staff to manage your server. You will be informed of upgrades and modifications to your software, and you operate virtually software free.

Access From Anywhere- One of the greatest features of property management software is you are able to work from the office or at home without sacrificing functionality. The web-based program gives you the ability to access and update property records in the evening or at work. According to Apartment Internet Marketing, 46% of apartment prospects inquire about a property after normal 9 AM to 5 PM office hours; web-based gives you the ability to handle customer inquiries within your property management software.

Monthly Subscription Prices- Property managers are beginning to adopt the subscription pricing model. Traditionally property management software was once sold as a license and charged large rates for basic support. Subscription pricing keeps upfront costs down, and basic fees spread out over time.
On site software is installed on to your computer of your businesses server. You are then able to access, save and backup files on your server.  Locally hosted software may be a better option for you if you have little to no access to the Internet, or if you simply don’t see any benefits in working remotely. Also, on-site systems give you the ability to customize your advanced property management software. Locally hosted customized software will be tailored to your specific needs. Lastly, on-site software is more of a long-term purchase, you are paying large amounts up-front, but you are able to save on monthly fees. Web-based software is a rolling subscription so over time you will likely be paying more fore web-based solutions than on-site software.

Property management software vendors should be able to offer you price quotes for both on-site and in-house solutions.

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