Buyer Guide to Public Relation Services

The public relations industry is booming these days as companies are relying on public relations experts to promote their businesses in lieu of traditional advertising. Although this would make one believe that PR services are new, they have been in existence throughout history as a means of promoting political agendas, or boosting citizen morale. Public relations’ efforts can be traced back from classical antiquity articles written by Julius Caesar where he praised his accomplishments to the early history paintings of the 1780s by Jacque Louis-David that were used by French royalty as a means of illustrating their knowledge, wealth, history and ideals.

Public relations, although typically associated with the management of the relationship between a company and their clients, actually is defined as maintaining a relationship between a company and “the public.” The public may include internal employees, competitors, the government, investors, and customers. Essentially, it is the management of the relationship between a company and any entity which exerts a type of influence or power. PR firms help manage this reputation from applying crisis communication tactics to online marketing campaigns in addition to copywriting services to best practices in e-mail marketing.

This guide will present the various public relations options available, costs, billing structures and helpful tips for selecting the right public relations expert for your business.


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