Buyer Guide to Recruitment Software

Whether you work in the staffing and employment industry, or operate your own company, recruiting software (also referred to as applicant tracking software) can help organize hiring and keep track of critical components for each applicant and result. This type of software is typically used by recruiting companies to track executive placements and contact management. Most enterprise companies with more than 250 employees find this software helpful. 

Time management is essential for any business, and recruitment software helps recruitment firms stay organized, and allows recruiters to handle hundreds if not thousands of clients.  Features such as creating folders and keyword searches are very helpful to matching applicants to the right employer.

Time management isn’t the only thing that recruitment software can aid in.  Another software company claims they can save you 26% more revenue per employee, allowing you to have a 41% less turnover rate and you will be 28% less likely to have a major layoff. 

Before purchasing recruiting software, make sure you take into account what is most important for your organization in an employee.  Is corporate culture a huge factor in the decision making process?  Do you need background checks to be conducted?  Different software providers can help you with different tasks, so make sure you know what you need in a software provider.

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